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Status updated 4 mins ago
Welcome to the Defenders of Faith

The Defenders of Faith is an 8-year old gaming community that started out in a game called Mount & Blade: Warband. We were founded by William, Darin and Dante February 28th, 2010. Since then, we have had our ups and downs but we have always come out of it stronger and better. The DoF is a gaming community where we play a lot of different games together.

We developed from being a Warband clan into a community and the way we do this is by offering different divisions within the community. Each division is associated with a game that the members actively plays and competes in, operating as clans within the community with a respective leader for each division. When there is a lot of members playing a game we often open a "squad" which makes it easier to organize and open threads about a game without actually making a division for it.

Even though we are an inter-game community, and can dish out some serious power if we want to, we still welcome anyone who wishes to just have fun and hang out. One can choose to join the community and not join any division. We also do a lot of fun stuff in our forums, so feel free to register an account and join in on RP games, events we host in Warband, etc.

We consist of people from all around the world, with many different religions, faiths, ages and political viewpoints. We expect all members to behave and treat each other with respect. Of course, we love having fun with each other and might get a little hotheaded, but at the end of the day we all love playing together and we know that there is no hate between us. We are using a public Teamspeak hosted by the DoF for all our activities.

At this moment, we have one division for Mount & Blade: Warband lead by Darin and Viglaf. This clan is the oldest active clan for Warband and we are proud to say that we have the largest active roster out of all the clans currently in the game. We compete both in the European and American competetive scenes. We have always focused on being a respected clan who does not participate in banter nor "trolling" publicly.

We also have two official squads, one is for Star Citizen lead by Gadric and Satheron. And a second for Rocket League lead by Satheron and Kohath.

If you wish to join our great community, you will find a button on the top bar called "Recruitment". There you may choose if you want to join a division and/or just the community. If you wish to find out more about us or want to hang out with us before deciding anything, you can usually find us in our public Teamspeak with the IP:
If you wish to speak to a division/community leader click the button "Contact us" on the top bar.

PS. If you click the arrow next to the title of this message you can hide the constant container.


Happy 8th Birthday to all loyal Defenders! 

This clan was founded back in 2010 with the idea of becoming something great. And seven years later we still are that special place where Warbanders and Gamers in general come to meet! Place where everyone is respected, Everyone is given chance to show their value and place where Every single loyal DoF member is proud to wear our tags and represent well known Green, Golden & White Banner of the Faith!

† Remain faithful DoFs †

PS. Look forward to many events today!

New Teamspeak

[Admin] Kohath posted Dec 5, 16

As of right now, we have switched to a new Teamspeak. Hopefully all the problems we have had will be fixed now :)

The new address is:

First week win

[Admin] Kohath posted Sep 3, 16

Very well done last night, guys and girls! The first match in the WMT2 we got a victory over TQ. Be sure to practice and get ready for next weeks scrim, and please show up to the events we have during the weekdays to prepare for the tournament! :)

We have signed up the DoF for WMT season 2. Make sure you practice and be in top shape for this high tier tournament! :)

New EU captain!

[Admin] Kohath posted Jul 11, 16

It is with great pleasure we announce that Satheron is taking over as the EU captain. He will lead and command whilst Viglaf is not here, and I have the fullest confidence that he will do a good job.

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